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It is actually something like Neslo, where “Hor Ka Sai” (虎咬狮) is a mix of Milo and Kopi’O (local coffee). Apparently, it is a common drink in Taiping and you can try in at most food court . The translation of “Hor Ka Sai” (Hokkien) to English is “Tiger bites Lion”. 😅 According to people, miners, in the olden days, feel very energetic after drinking “Hor Ka Sai” and are able to continue with their work. So they described the feeling as if they are as strong as a tiger, being able to bite on a lion. I’m not sure if the story is true or not, but it makes a bit of sense since there’s caffeine, coffee and also malt.

虎咬狮?Hor Ka Sai? 什么来的?你一定也是这么奇怪过的🤗 今天要为大家介绍的是太平华人民间一种饮品——虎咬狮。 虎咬狮是福建话,念作 “hor ka sai” 这一次,我们带给大家的是👉 #原豆咖啡系列《阿强虎咬狮HorKaSai》,将上等咖啡原豆经过纳米研磨技术,采用太平传统配方,配制出最道地,最天然的太平《虎咬狮》! #不是化学调味哦 #有卫生部和清真注册 有扣有送礼,日历送完为止就没有了哦 😊 虎咬狮这特别名称的饮品是为了满足馋客咖啡和巧克力瘾二合一的特制咖啡。 味道独特,但却深得大家的喜好。


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