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Iced Honey Lemonade | 冰柠檬蜜糖水

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Iced Honey Lemonade | Madu Limau Ais

1. Improves skin

Lemon with honey is known to make your skin suppler and smoother, due to the high concentration of antioxidants in lemons and Vitamin C, which aids in preventing skin damage. The anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties of lemon tea and honey is said to nourish facial skin and preventing the onset of acne.

2. Belly busters

Lemon juice reduces your appetite, as does the caffeine present in tea. When both are combined, lemon tea will have twice the effect as it would on its own. This can easily prevent you from overeating or snacking between meals, which in turn, helps you in losing weight.

3. Aid in digestion

A combination of honey and lemon serves as the ideal tonic for your stomach that will aid in digestion and remove any harmful bacteria from the stomach and digestive tracts. Due to the high levels of acidity found in lemons, it further stimulates the production of bile, which in turn, speeds up the digestive process.

4. Maintains blood sugar

When there is an inadequate amount of insulin in your blood, it can lead to high blood sugar. Consuming lemon tea with honey aids in maintaining this balance. A compound known as Hesperidin that’s present in lemons can aid in modifying the function of enzymes that affect the level of your blood sugar. Lemon tea also helps in preventing diabetes.

5. Fights free radicals

The presence of antioxidants in lemon juice and black tea help to rid the body of free radicals. With the ascorbic acid or vitamin C found in lemons and the theaflavins found in black tea, both aid in eliminating the free radicals from the body. This helps to prevent the onset of diseases like Parkinsons’ and Alzheimers. The antioxidants also prevent heart attacks and kidney stones.

6. Detoxifying

The wondrous elements of lemon play an essential role in eliminating toxins from your body, making it a natural detoxifier. Lemon tea is rich in citric and vitamin C, which aids to enhancing the functions of the liver and regularly flushes out toxins from your organs.

7. No more Flu!

A cup of tea when you’re sick feels miraculous, doesn’t it? Image a cup of lemon tea with the soothing properties of honey too?! Enjoying a cup of lemon tea with honey about 3-4 times a day before/during your illness will immediately relieve a sore throat, boost your immune system and give your body that warmth it craves for, especially during cold, rainy months! This is also good in current situation due to Coronavirus (COVID-19) to prevent from flu and cold, boost your body immune while working day and night.

8. Where can you get lemon mix honey drinks in Penang?

Drinklah provide delivery service to your doorstep. Just order from us, with no minimum order. 

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Iced Honey Lemonade | Madu Limau Ais

How to Make and Use Honey Lemon Water

Making honey lemon water is simple.

Just mix the juice from half of a lemon and a teaspoon of raw, high-quality honey into a cup of hot or warm water.

This beverage is most commonly consumed hot, but it can also be chilled and enjoyed with a few ice cubes.

You can adjust the amounts of lemon juice or honey to suit your taste. However, remember that honey is a source of calories and added sugar.

Honey lemon water can be enjoyed at any time of the day, including as a relaxing pre-bedtime drink.


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